The City of Tulelake received a Cease and Desist Order in 2007, requiring a significant upgrade to the existing wastewater treatment plant. In 2012 the City was finally awarded a 6.2 million dollar grant through the State Water Resources Control Board to do the required upgrades.

On October 20, 2015, ground breaking for the Tulelake Wastewater Treatment Plant took place. The

upgrade consists of two lined treatment ponds that are fed by two new S&L pumps. The treatment ponds are supplied with a new air supply, (Triple Point) Areators. After treatment, the effluent is pumped from a new effluent pumping station to two new effluent storage ponds. The recycled effluent is then pumped to a new feed line that supplies water for agricultural irrigation application for farm cover crops. We have eliminated the surface water discharge and replaced it with agronomic reuse. The upgrade also includes some much needed valving as well as electrical work with new motors and VFD drives for the blower system. And lastly, a new motor controlled PLC to operate the functions of the plant.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade is scheduled to be completed by December 2016.

Ribbon Cutting, November 15, 2016!

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